Punk Family Photo Booth

For the NFT family

NFTs are booming and it is such a blessing for people who are love creating art.

Larva labs had created a collection called Crypto Punks, which was an inspiration for ERC-721 standard for NFTs. And there has been no looking back for NFT, since then. Many artists have jumped in and minted amazing art works, keeping the NFT and art enthusiasts busy.

Few months later, another amazing creative project called Punks baby was released, as illegitimate offspring of OG Punks. I found it funny and interesting. It interested a lot of people because of its attention to detail and rarity of some traits.

As people started owning crypto punks, we felt it might be interesting/funny for folks who own those babies to get their family portrait. So, as a weekend project, we built this tool, for family polaroids. Check it out, here.


People have been loving it. So far, 500+ polaroids have been taken.

How it was built

Moralis has SDK to build serverless web3 dapps. It can be used to connect to Metamask and get the list of all NFTs owned by the user. If the user owns the baby, API request is sent to generate the polaroid.

Opensea has good set of APIs for getting the details of baby punk. This API returns all traits of the baby punk like the ID of father and mother as well. Openseas APIs is again used to get the portrait of Father and Mother.

Then, javascript canvas is used to generate the polaroid and return it to the frontend app.

Hope you enjoyed the app and this blog and hope it inspires other developers to execute their ideas.

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